Center-Based Treatment

Center-based therapy is available and has many benefits that are not available in other environments:

  • Structure and routine is built into the day creating consistency for the children.
    • Structure is set up for younger children to get used to a schedule that simulates a school environment to prepare them for the transition to a school setting.
  • Opportunities to practice social skills with peers.
  • Fewer distractions and environments can be modified to suit the needs of each child.
  • Some research shows that learning may occur quicker in a center-based environment.

Center-based therapy is usually scheduled in 3 hour blocks of time where children can stay anywhere from 3-8 hours per day.  Regular attendance, just like a school setting, is essential to continue to provide routine and balance.  Young children learn to follow schedules, work next to and with their peers, sitting and participating in circle time activities, and work on self-help skills such as: toileting, dressing, cleaning up, putting their personal items into their locker, brushing teeth, etc.  For older children it will still include daily routines and structure, but their schedule will be modified to suit their needs and what skills they need to practice.  These children still practice gross and fine motor skills, socialization with peers, emotional regulation skills, and group skills such as taking turns, sharing, good sportsmanship, and conversation, etc.

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