What is ABA?
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been a  scientifically validated method for treating autism symptoms and is most effective if delivered at an early age and high intensity level.  ABA uses research-based interventions to addresses socially significant behaviors such as: communication, self-help skills, social skills, and and play skills.  Using principles of how behavior is learned, therapists evaluate a child's skills and deficits and teaches children the skills they need.  Methods of teaching can include natural environment teaching (NET), incidental teaching, modeling, task-based schedules, environmental modification and reinforcement.  Therapy is conducted in a one-to-one ratio setting and can range from a more intensive model (30+) typically for children under the ages of 5 or those with severe behavioral challenges to a more focused model typically for children that are school-aged and whose needs are narrowed into 4-5 skill deficits.