In-Home Treatment

Services can be provided in the comfort of your home and in your child's natural environment. In-home therapy has certain benefits including:

  • Natural social skills within the family dynamics can be practiced.
  • Verbal behavior can be generalized and practiced with family members.
  • Self-help and independence skills can be practiced naturally.

IMPACT offers ABA in-home therapy to families living in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin (typically within 20 minutes of the city of Sheboygan, WI).  Families may opt to utilize a combination of services models. For example, a family may choose to bring their child to the center several hours per day during the week and then have one session in-home each week to be able to generalize the skills their child has learned in the clinic.  Community outings are also another important aspect of therapy.  Parents and the therapy team will determine skills that need to be practiced in the community (e.g. Target to have the child practice tolerating "no" when asking for a toy/item).  Once the skills have been practiced in the home, a plan can be executed to go into the community (parents, child and therapist) to practice in real time. 

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